Sunday, May 6, 2012

Those Years

About two months ago, I came across this taiwanese movie. That's when I realised the theatrical poster looks very familiar. I remember seeing this poster when I was in Taiwan back in August 2011. Yes, I recall now because this poster attracted my attention back then. You know blue sky, young and energetic models. I focused only on the picture because I can't read chinese characters. I never thought it is actually a movie.

School life on screen never runaway from love story. But it wasn't the love story that touched me.
Watching this movie reminds me of my school life. Those years. Those years remind me of all my schoolmates and every crazy things that we did in the classroom.

School life is not about getting good academic results to get into well-known university.
Is about a dream. Is about what you want to be.

What I want to be 10 years ago and now was very quite different. In fact, I don't remember whether I know what I want to be that time. All I know was to get a good result in the national examination. Yes, I did. How I wish I have a clear goal that time. How I wish I know where to go that time. How I wish I have the mentality that I have now that time. Perhaps it is abit too late to regret but I always believe  in possibility. Nothing is impossible.

I think youngsters should start exploring during their school life. Go out and see the world from every different perspectives. Learning can be in many ways, but not limited to knowledge from books. It should be knowledge from everyone and everywhere. That's the real process of learning and growing. It might be painful in certain way, but believe me you will become a different person, at least strong in mentality. That's all that mattered.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Belated Birthday Present from Jakarta

Birthday present from Jakarta colleagues. Makes me miss them even more. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bangsar Village Car Park Ticket

A nicely designed car park ticket from Bangsar Village. Love it.

A Simple Gathering

Happy Labour Day!

What an auspicious day for 3 of us to meet up. We had our lunch at Antipodean, Bangsar suggested by J. This place is indeed has a very good business as we waited for about 15 minutes before we have any seat. I was surprised when the waitress told me that their menu is on the wall! Yeah, they have this kind of black board wall and their food & drinks menu are written on this black board wall with white chalks. So we have to turn our head and stare at the wall to choose what we wanted to order. Pretty funny huh? Anyway absolutely a brilliant idea to save the cost of printing menu. And they can erase, delete or add anything without reprinting menu.

Since they are famous with their breakfast meals so both me and C ordered their Big Breakfast and All Time Breakfast. J ordered Cheese Omelette Salad. Yes, both of us ordered breakfast meal for our lunch because, well, is their signature dishes duh.
Meeting up with them is definitely an event that I would not want to miss. Is like a special honor that they have because they are the first two friends that I met after I came back from Bangkok. They used to be my closest colleagues and technically now they are my ex-colleagues but I would prefer to refer them as my close friends instead.

We had a quick catch up with each other in this simple 2 hours gathering because both of my honored friends have another appointment in the evening. Every single conversations of us were so random. J actually updated me a lot of random stories which make me kind of HOW COME I HAVE NO IDEA AT ALL?!. Why am I so over reacted by the way because random stories are suppose to be O-M-Gy. And since C is a financial consultant working in one of our local bank, so being an amatuer in investment world I took this chance too seek some professional advices from her on the best investment tool for amatuer like me. We were also talking about our next big event which is our trip to KK! I was terribly regretted that last year I missed our trip to the Merlion City but this year this trip going to be a fantastic trip because I will be there :)

Girls, I promise.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Shape Your Life With Your Thoughts

Human brain is the most intelligent machine in the entire world. Every single human being in this world is gifted with this intelligence and yet not many of us know how to use it or I shall rephrase to make use of it. 


The most powerful element that could possibility value someone's life is not the money, and is not the  career, but is actually the thoughts. Okay, let me put it in another easier way. Build your valuable life from your thoughts. Wasn't sure when I started to agree so much on this beautiful statement. I have started to listen, to see, and to feel different thoughts from the diversity of individual. It has always amaze me how a simple thought from someone could enlighten me so much in a very influencial way. What can I do to be just like them? Where did they get all this amazing philosophies and theories from? Without me realising, I actually knew the answer.

One question came as soon as I realised the answer. Why I dint realise this earlier? But it wasn't too late for me to practise. Soon it has become part of me. I enjoy and love sharing my thoughts to people around me. I like it the way my thoughts have change my circle of life. I like it the way my thoughts have create a different image to myself. I like it when my thoughts influenced and inspired others. The more I share, the more I find out most of the time, people spend too little time to think wisely. I wonder why people responded by reacting so negatively towards certain things. People is basically more sensitive towards negative thing; whether is a negative comments, negative feedbacks, negative issues or negative problems. All the negatives will lead to negative judgement. Emotion started to control them instead of they control their own emotion. People then chose to react negatively rather than to think before they give their best judgements.  In the end, more and more problems arise from the negative thoughts.

Somehow I sympathize they way they simply responded which eventually puzzled me on their personality and attitude.  Reliability, credibility, trustworthiness, and maturity are all vanished from their trait. These are the people that will and only will be followers.

The first step to change is to change your thoughts. Think like how a leader would think.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Brithday

The day has finally arrived. Thank you so much to my beloved colleagues for all the birthday cakes.
This is my second year oversea birthday celebration and this year I celebrated in Bangkok!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Salmon with Rice

Due to the success of my salad artwork, I'm now moving into another stage of cooking. I remember my mom once cooked salmon back in Malaysia and yeah it sounds super easy and simple to prepare. Most important is it taste absolutely fantastic despite the easy preparation! Here is the 3 simple steps:-

1) Gently place the marinated salmon (with salt, pepper and oyster sauce) onto a medium heat pan.
2) Let it cook for about 5 minutes (both side).
3) Place the cooked salmon onto a plate of rice. Sprinkle parsley onto the salmon.